Front view of the array

Side view of the array

Inside the control room at the main field office in Kenema

Signboard outside the field office in Kono

Mounting the panels at the cooperative's office

Panels on the roof of the cooperative's office

Finished system


  • Donors: WHH
  • Location: Kenema, Sierra Leone
  • Date Started: October 2013
  • Date Completed: November 2013
  • System Size: 4800 Watts
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 200
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 100000

Before EFO was formed some of our current staff's first major solar experience was at the WHH office back in 2007. This project replaced that old system with a new, larger and upgraded version and also installed two small systems at their filed offices in Kailahun and Kono. In addition we moved that original system to one of their partner co-operatives...still going strong after 6 years of service.