View of the overall site from the road

View of the community from the water tank and turbine location

Digging for the main pipeline

New pipeline in place, two 3 inch pipes replacing one 2 inch pipe

Due to the high pressure in the system we had to add supports over the entire 1200m of pipeline

Installing the grid distribution

View of the grid distribution heading down to the village

Mounting the panels

View of the array from on top of the water tank. This provides primary power to the community during the dry season

The parts for the hydro system manifold

Posing with the hydro system

The finished hydro system

Number 2 River - Micro-Hydro

  • Donors: ECOWAS / IBIS
  • Location: River 2
  • Date Started: April 2013
  • Date Completed: February 2014
  • System Size: 6000 Watts
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 1000
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 30000

This project was unlike anything EFO had done in the past and included all of the following work;

  • an entire renovation of the existing pipeline and water supply, 
  • the installation of 4.5kW of turbine power, 
  • additional 6kW of solar array,
  • a grid distribution system for the entire community,
  • renovations to the electrical systems at the community based eco-tourism facility.

It was an extremely exciting project for EFO to have been involved in and we will remain active, supporting the household connections and grid expansion as well as directly supporting maintenance and training community members to manage the facilities. We are also working with the Number 2 Development Committee to continue fundraising to increase the apacity of the system to handle expected future demands.