Shot of the market and barri from above, the CCS is tucked in between the two buildings

Our ladder, perhaps the greatest thing to happen to EFO!

Panels ready to go on the roof, one of many tasks made easier with a ladder

Presto, our driver/mechanic/security/electrician

Mohamed, once again demonstrating how ladders are useful

One of the Kassirie team helping install the controller

Leading the administrative training

The Kassirie Team...the most eager group of people we have ever worked with!

Court barri with light

Charging station up and running on night one

Business is still booming, seems people like energy!

Kassirie Community Charging Station

  • Donors: WASH, Kassirie Community, EFO
  • Location: Kassirie, Kambia District
  • Date Started: June 2012
  • Date Completed: August 2012
  • System Size: 460 Watts
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 2000
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 10000

Within two weeks of our initial site visit the people in Kassirie started calling, conversation went like this:

Kassirie: when can you come and do the installation

EFO: when you are finally done the kiosk

Kassirie: we are done!

EFO: Oh (pause), well let us get back to you

Mobilising a smallish, up-country community to complete a thousand dollar or so construction project with their own resources can be quite a task, sometimes taking up to six months to wrap up...with constant reminders from our side. This was the first time we were the roadblock as we didn't have the equipment or staff in place. Due to their incredible demand and support we made the decision not only to boost the system from 60W to 460W but also add more lighting and prioritise them for the upcoming WASH project. When we finally did complete the installation the community members were the lead in the installation, wanting to take in and understand the whole process. An excellent experience for the whole team and just an incredible place to work!