Albert working on a solar powered streetlight.

A community meeting regarding the CCS.

Mohamed explaining the new lights.

Installing solar panels on the roof.

Teaching the community about series and parallel wiring.

Kailahun and Kono Community Charging Stations

  • Donors: GIZ
  • Location: Various
  • Date Started: July 2012
  • Date Completed: October 2012
  • System Size: 2,000 Watts
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 8000
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 16000

During this project EFO and GIZ partnered to install sixteen community charging stations in sites scattered throughout the Kailahun and Kono districts. Charging stations were installed in Kalia, Kombayendeh, Kissi, Tongoma, Mbaoma, Koidu Buma, Wordu, Ngiehun, Folu, Bandajuma Sinneh, Siama, Mandopolahun, Gbeika, Levuma Mandu, Pendembu, and Sakiema.

The Kailahun and Kono districts are two of the least developed regions in Sierra Leone, partially due to their remote locations and partially due to the wealth disparity arising from the latter’s natural diamond deposits.  Some of the communities that received solar installation are among the poorest in the nation, including villages with large populations of amputees and refugees. Such communities have the greatest need for community driven projects that offer feasible pathways out of poverty and as such are ideal locations for EFO’s CCSs.

The installed CCSs, among the first in Kailahun and Kono, are a continuation of the project in Koinadugu and Kambia. These installations represent significant progress towards EFO’s goal of establishing CCSs throughout Sierra Leone.