Scenic Kabala


Installing the Controller

Full Array

Students from the School

Kabala Junior Secondary School

  • Donors: Schools For Sierra Leone
  • Location: Kabala, Koindaugu District
  • Date Started: April 2012
  • Date Completed: April 2012

Energy For Opportunity, working with Schools of Sierra Leone, installed a large solar power system at the Kabala Junior Secondary School in the North of Sierra LeoneThe installation provides lighting for the school, enough power for a future lab, as well as for an adjoined community charging station that will raise funds for for the school by charging a small fee for the recharging of mobile phones, lanterns and other small electrical items. Kabala Junior Secondary School provided four people to be part of a training session which covered basic solar power installation and, more critically, the administration of the charging station. This was done in conjunction with the solar installation, providing practical experience to go along with the theory.