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Kamakwie Maternal Health Centre

Kamakwie Maternal Health Centre receives an average of 70 antenatal patients every week and hosts on average twenty deliveries every month. In June, 2011 Mohamed of EFO fitted a Phillips Home System in the centre and delivered three Uday lights for use by the midwives and doctors there.

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Kailahun Government Hospital

In November and December 2010 EFO installed a 4725 Watt system in Kailahun. The solar system now provides lighting for the whole hospital including a male ward, a female ward, a children’s ward, a maternity ward, a laboratory and an eye clinic 24/7.

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Rokupa Government Hospital

Rokupa Government Hospital is situated in eastern Freetown and before the EFO solar installation they relied on expensive and noisy generator power from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm in the day. Jalloh, Mohamed, Idrissa, Sumu and Sheka from EFO installed a 2,625 Watt system (15x175 Watt panels) that provides lighting for the whole hospital, in December 2010.

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