Mounting structure construction

Completed mounting structure

Community members working in the system construction, Kompa, Alibori

When it pours!

Finished array at Sokotindji, Alibori

Excited EFO staff at Monsey, Alibori

Some of the tools of the trade

Completed equipment and control room installation, Soroko, Alibori

Overhead distribution at Saah, Alibori

Finished product at Sam, Alibori

Alibori Mini-Grid Project

  • Location: Alibori Department, Benin
  • Date Started: February 2016
  • Date Completed: November 2016
  • System Size: 260kW Watts
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 75000
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 150000

In 2015 the Government of Benin has launched a special Program for the Development of Solar Energy in the Republic of Benin aimed at the installation of fifteen thousand lamps and micro hybrid solar photovoltaic systems for a total of 5 MWp for the electrification of 105 districts not yet electrified. The management of the project was entrusted to the African Society of Biofuels and Renewable Energy(SABER) as the Project Manager of the UEMOA Commission to implement the Renewable Energy Development Regional Programme and the Energy Efficiency (PRODERE). A consortium involving OTOMARI (Togo), Energy For Opportunity and Horizon Energy was awarded the supply and installation contract for the 15 systems in Alibori Department. The project resulted in the installation of a total solar capacity of 260kWp and 58km of low voltage, three phase grid supply.

For a summary please click on the Mini-Grids - Alibori Department Case Study document.