EFO benefits greatly from your contribution!

Donation FAQ:

1. How much of my donation goes to actual projects?
100%!!   Every cent donated to us on this site goes directly to the projects we support, so you can be sure that your entire donation is providing renewable energy to communities in West Africa. We cover all additional costs through funding organizations and contract work.

2. Do you keep a record of my bank/credit-card details?
No. In fact, we never see your bank account or credit card details. Your transaction is processed securely through PayPal. We receive your donation (gratefully!) but not your personal financial details.

3. Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. We are registered as a charity in Canada and our charity number is: 80016 8551 RR0001. US residents are also eligible for tax credit through our partnership with Friends Of Sierra Leone, a registered 501c charity. Choose your location using the radio button on the form to be directed to the appropriate site. Charity status in other countries is coming soon!

4. Can I donate in other currencies?
Yes. You can donate using a credit card in any currency you wish PayPal will convert it for you. If you are donating from a currency different to the ones listed above, we recommend you use US dollars or Canadian dollars. Note that currently donations going through the Friends of Sierra Leone Paypal account must be in USD.

5. Will you charge me forever for my monthly donation?
No. We will accept your donations for a maximum of 24 months, just in case you need to put that money elsewhere (but we would love you to renew after that time!). You can also cancel your monthly donation at any earlier time through PayPal.

Make Your Donation Here

Your donation will go into the paypal account of EFO's official partner organisation, Friends of Sierra Leone, who will then transfer the donation amount to EFO.

Friends of Sierra Leone is a registered charity in the U.S.A and therefore your donation can be claimed as a tax credit under US tax law.

Your donation will go directly into EFO's paypal account and is eligible for tax credits where applicable under Canadian tax law.