Kamabai Secondary School

This week ENFO engaged the students, staff and Principal of Kamabai Senior Secondary School in interviews and Focus Group Discussions to assist in the evaluation of the second round of solar installations completed in September. The participants have indicated that the solar light installed in the school will bring a number of economic benefits for the school’s administration, teachers and students alike, as well as increasing the safety and security around the school and replacing the school’s reliance on petrol fuelled generators.

The feedback reinforces the findings of previous evaluations undertaken in Kamakwie following the installation of a ...

Outamba Kilimi National Park and Tambakka Chiefdom

In late September EFO staff headed north into the remote villages of the Tambakka chiefdom in the Outamba Kilimi National Park area to undertake site evaluations and assessments that will inform the development of a joint proposal to expand the Community Charging Station Programme and install solar power in existing OKNP and STEWARD infrastructure. In conjunction with the site evaluations Ame and Mohamed conducted community engagement sessions with 277 people across the 6 villages and collected preliminary data regarding the use of fuels for cooking and lighting in the chiefdom. The research has indicated that contrary to popular belief and ...

EFO helping in Haiti

For the first 6 months of 2010 I worked on crisis response in Haiti, helping to plan and manage Mission 4636, a text-message based emergency response and reporting system.

I coordinated the translation, geolocation and categorization
of emergency text messages sent in Haiti in the wake of January 12, 2010 earthquake. This was the first step in the only emergency response service available to people within Haiti during this critical period. When not working with EFO I am a graduate fellow at Stanford, where I research methods for processing large volumes of short messages in less-widely spoken languages and crowdsourcing ...

St Martin's Orphanage - Port Loko

Happy to announce that EFO has finally finished the solar installation at St. Martin's Orphanage in Port Loko. Sheka, Idrissa and I did the installation with the help of the children and staff. Emily, who is the coordinator and the children at the Orphanage were dancing the first day we switched on the light. According to them life is now fine because they study at night under the clean light and drink cool water from the solar fridge. Special thanks to Mark Arts at the Art Foundation who sponsored this project! Posted by Mohamed Kabba Turay.

EFO and EWB - Kono Clinic

EFO, in conjuction with Engineers Without Borders-Princeton, recently installed solar electricity system at an Amputee Clinic in Sena Town, Kono District.The clinic is sponsored by the National Organization For Welbody (NOW) and the solar electricity system was funded through efforts of EWB. The system consisted of a 2100watt array, which is the biggest system installed by Energy For Opportunity and likely the bigest solar electricity system in Sierra Leone. EFO supported the project through design, procurement, local logistics and technical oversite of the installation. Students from GTI training programme also participated in the project.

For photos from the installation ...

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