Solar Installed into community led tourism resort - River #2

Solar Installed into community led tourism resort - River #2

A team of EFO solar technicians, Idrissa, Sheka and Alusine have finished the installation of eight solar panels to electrify the community run tourist attraction of River No. 2, an off-grid coastal community on the Western Area Peninsula, near to Freetown. The solar installation will provide light and will power a freezer and some light appliances in the store area, kitchen, restaurant and huts providing accommodation to tourists. EFO is delighted to provide River No. 2 with solar power as it will facilitate smooth running of the facility as well as boosting the community’s efforts to attract tourists by ...

ICSB 2011 World Conference

Energy For Opportunity is currently participating in the International Council for Small Business 2011 World Conference. They were awarded a grant to attend the meeting and present a paper looking at the potential of non-profits and for-profit entities to partner to responsibly service markets typically ignored by the for-profit sector. A link to the paper is attached and more information on the conference can be found at the following link,

The link to the paper is

Energy For Opportunity Trip to Kabala

Energy For Opportunity Trip to Kabala

My name is Chani Wates and I’m new to Energy For Opportunity so I was happy to learn that a trip up country was planned and that I should come along to take some photos of project sites and get a taste for what EFO is doing in the Kabala area.

On Thursday the 21st of April 2011, Simon, myself, Marah from Kabala and Pa Yemoh, the driver, set off early from Lakka to beat the Freetown traffic on our way to Kabala. By 7.30, we had successfully navigated through the mayhem of Freetown and were on ...

FAO - FLEGT Project

Preventing Deforestation: Understanding Timber and Fuelwood Markets in Sierra Leone Energy for Opportunity (EFO) is starting an energy revolution, bringing clean renewable solar energy to Sierra Leone and further afield in West Africa. EFO provides energy to disadvantaged rural communities, trains students about how and why to use solar energy and promotes it as an appropriate form of energy to build a positive future for West Africa. In order to expand its work in other energy sectors, EFO needs up to date statistics on energy consumption in Sierra Leone which is largely fuelwood dependent. To address this need EFO has ...

Kamabai Secondary School

Phase two of one of the Kamabai Secondary School Solar electrical installation has been completed. The school was partially wired, with 4×220 Watts solar panels and 2x200A-hr batteries. All the priorities’ buildings has now being wired the system has being upgraded now to 6×220 Watts solar panel and additional 2x200A-hr has also been added to the school solar electrical system. The Kamabai Community health centre has also being fully wired, the solar electrical system will be installed in a few weeks time. Follow the link below to see photos on our facebook page. Posted by Chernor M. Jalloh


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