EFO Update - October 2009

EFO Update October 2009

EFO and Inveneo to help power Microfinance in Sierra leone

EFO and Inveneo (http://inveneo.org/) will team up to supply power and ICT infrastructure to two local Microfinance Institutes in Sierra Leone. The project will partner with HOPE Micro and the Association for Rural Development (ARD) and result in ICT equipment and solar installations for their various offices. EFO will be directly responsible for two solar installations in the Makeni offices and installing back-up and other power equipment for the offices in Freetown. Students from the training programme at Government Technical Institute will also be involved and gain valuable practical experience from this project.

Africa Rural Connect Prize!


Energy For Opportunity has won an ARC prize for its idea, 'Create A Solar Powered Revolution Across West Africa'. This grant will help us to get our programme up and running in the region and has been an excellent way to receive feedback and exposure for the organisation and our plans. Thanks to all of those who supported the idea and gave us their endorsement, we really appreciate all of the help we have been receiving!

To hear Paul talk a bit more about the project go to the following link, http://arc.peacecorpsconnect.org/node/380

We have also ...

Africa Rural Connect

Solar TiwaiWe are now have over 100 endorsements, thanks for supporting our attempts to start a solar revolution in West Africa: http://arc.peacecorpsconnect.org/view/327/


EFO has now reached 50 endorsements for its West #Africa #Solar Revolution idea. Thanks for all those that have supported us, and remember if you haven't already it is not too late to endorse the idea: http://arc.peacecorpsconnect.org/view/327

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