Funding donations

EFO would like to thank everyone who has donated to support our upcoming project! Through this generous support we have already received over $600 and are well on our way to our $3000 target. Over the holiday we continued to plan with the communities and will be starting work as soon as the primary funding from our donor is received. Thanks to all and please check back for updates on this project and more.

Update and new project

It has been a busy couple of months, so we have put together a two page update to inform everyone of EFO's recent goings on. Click here to view the update.

Also we have a new project planned for next month, installing community solar charging stations in the Sierra Leonean districts of Bombali and Bonthe. Christian Aid is kindly supplying the bulk of funding for this project, but we still need around US$3000 to make the project fully viable. Read more about the project here and if you can make a donation to help bring solar power to ...

80016 8551?!

What is this you ask...just the sweetest numbers ever to be heard by Energy For Opportunity! After almost 18 months and numerous exchanges with Revenue Canada, Energy For Opportunity is officially a Registered Canadian Charity. In addition to a whole binder of additional paperwork, it also means we are now officially recognised by the Canadian government and with this we gain a much more legitimate profile both domestically and internationally. It also means we  have the ability to issue tax receipts for any donations to our work, opening up huge areas of fundraising opportunities.

Kamabai - Planning...the not as exciting side of work

Fresh off our work in Kamakwie we made a quick side trip to Kamabai to do some overdue planning work. Kamabai and Kamakwie are likely to be our main two hubs of activity, as they are two of the  largest Chiefdom Headquarter towns in Bombali District and home to two of the three Senior Secondary Schools in the District outside Makeni. This was our first time in Kamabai, despite passing the village tens of times on the way to or from Kabala.

We were escorted to Kamabai by and old friend and work colleague from Lakka, Foday Presto Koroma who ...

Kamakwie ctd...

While up in Kamakwie for the Orphanage work, Energy For Opportunity staff managed to pay a quick visit to another upcoming project site. This project will be at the Wesleyan Secondary School and is being funded through the hard work and dedicated fund raising efforts of Leslie McKeon, a former Peace Corp volunteer who was located in Kamakwie. We have been working on the system design with Leslie for over a year but this was the first time we had actually been to the site.

The school serves as both a Junior and Senior Secondary school and operates on a ...

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