Go East Young Man

EFO is branching out and heading on a two week trip to Kenya and Malawi. Although our focus is on West Africa, these two programmes are so important and aligned with our own goals that we decided to leave our home base.

We have been invited by the International Finance Corporation to attend the 2010 Lighting Africa Conference in Nairobi as a product judge. This is the third LA Conference and brings together most, if not all, of the major players working on finding lighting and other energy solutions for rural Africa. The last two events have been excellent and ...

Energy For Opportunity...back in the Lakka community

After a tough week of up-country work a relaxing week of office work would have made sense to most. We decided it was a better idea to get back into the community and do some work in Lakka. The Community Centre was recently renovated and expanded so it seemed like the ideal time to hold a training session for ten community members and also redo and improve the old solar electricity system that was there. So starting at 8am tomorrow we will be live in Lakka, training and installing!

Kamakwie revisited

I just got back from another up-country trip, which included two more installations in Kamakwie and our first two in Kamalo. Adding to our previous work in Kamakwie we finished installations at the hospital and the community centre/town hall. We were there for a couple of days and it also gave me the chance to stop by the orphanage and school to see how the systems were performing and more importantly if they were being used and what impact they were having.

At the orphanage everything was working smoothly and although the rains have started and the power is ...

Kamakwie and Kamalo: Phase II

We are heading up-country again on Monday to finish the AusAID project. This will be another tough week of work but is going to result in four high impact installations; Kamakwie Hospital, Kamakwie Community Centre, Kamalo Health Centre and Kamalo Islamic Primary School. It is also a chance to get four of our new batch of students up-country and get them some solid field and practical experience. If you are interested in tracking the event you can follow it through our facebook event at http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?oid=115004298532572&view=user#!/event.php?eid=115004298532572

Outback Power and BP Solar Donations

This is actually a bit of a late announcement but we have been fortunate to receive product donations from both BP Solar  (http://www.bp.com/modularhome.do?categoryId=8050&contentId=7035481)   and Outback Power (http://outbackpower.com/) in support of our work in the Senior Secondary Schools in Bombali District.

BP Solar has made the donation through its quarterly module donation programme . A total of six, 220W panels have been donated and will be installed at one of the schools in the next few months, providing lighting and power for future computer labs. The modules are en-route now and ...

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