Kamakwie revisited

I just got back from another up-country trip, which included two more installations in Kamakwie and our first two in Kamalo. Adding to our previous work in Kamakwie we finished installations at the hospital and the community centre/town hall. We were there for a couple of days and it also gave me the chance to stop by the orphanage and school to see how the systems were performing and more importantly if they were being used and what impact they were having.

At the orphanage everything was working smoothly and although the rains have started and the power is less, the staff have figured out how to manage it effectively and were rationing the power to ensure it was there when needed. The panels were still being washed and the computer lab Yossi set up was being used by the children for watching films, learning basic programmes and also for photo editing!

We also stopped over at the school unannounced one evening to see how things were going there. We had heard that there had been some developments but were shocked by the activities! The school has organised a series of night classes for both the JSS and SSS students and they are being taught and attended daily. It is also time for the WASC exam, the standardised test students sit prior to going to university or post secondary school. Between the classes and students studying for the WASC there were at least 200 students on campus spread out in six of the classrooms. I talked to Mr. Conteh, the Principal and he also informed me that afternoon computer classes were scheduled to start this week and all the task lights Leslie had bought for the school had been bought by staff and students and they were ready to place an additional order. Perhaps even more important than these quantifiable actions, there was a noticeable excitement and pride among the staff and students in their school and the opportunity that the solar power had provided.

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